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Monster Arena Farming Guide

on Sun May 13, 2018 6:43 am

What is the Monster Arena? Well, basically it's a realm where only the toughest players can conquer. The Monster Arena is wherein players can kill monsters that provide points that can be exchanged in the Monster Arena NPC for Arena Balls and then are used to buy precious items from the Arena shop. To be frank this guide helps players new to the concept of "Monster Arena".

Monster Arena NPC
(Malaya 253, 358)


-Arena Entrance Pass
This item must be in your inventory when you enter the Arena,
you can buy one from the Arena Shop via ETC tab for 50 credits.
FAQ: Yes it has unlimited uses.

-Healing Potions or "POTS"
This is obviously a no brainer, monsters inside the arena hit hard and fast,
squishy characters can easily die off without the proper potion timing.
-Fly Wings & Butterfly Wings
Fly Wings provide quick escapes for when the mobs gang up on you
while Butterfly Wings are used to teleport to town. 
(Other than that you would have to talk to the exit NPCs 
that are located at each other ends of the map)
-Aspersio Scrolls and Holy Water
This will enchant your weapon with Holy property
to deal more damage against Arena MVPs.
(You can buy Aspersio Scrolls from the TCG shop &
Holy Water from the mall via @mall)
-Soul Link Balls
Fuzzion Ragnarok Online has modified Soul Links
enabled in some jobs such as LK allowing them
to use Parry and two hand quicken whilst holding
a one handed weapon.


                                                   Arena Minion                                       Arena Sword Guardian                                Arena Bow Guardian
                                                                                 (3 points)                                                         (5 points)                                                         (5 points)
                                                                                              Arena Gatekeeper (MVP)                                                                  Arena Boss (MVP)
                                                                                                          (30 points)                                                                                            (100 points)

                                      Arena Bonus
                                     (10 points)

        ~Arena Facts~

  • Skills ARE ENABLED inside the Arena.
  • Most monsters inside the Arena deal Neutral damage.
  • Most monsters have the same properties and weaknesses with their reference.                                                                                 (i.e. Arena Boss shares the same race and property with Satan Morroc which is Demon & Shadow 4)
  • Abysmal Knight cards work on Arena Monsters considered as MVP.
  • Like all other mobs Arena Mobs can be inflicted with status effects.
  • When you die you do not lose your Arena Points.
  • Some monsters inside the Arena are not Thanable.

~Characters and Builds~

         Here I will be discussing the jobs, gears and cards that will surely help you when you enter the Arena. Please do note that better equipment will always give better results in terms of damage, defense and Arena Points farming.
(P.S. I will not be posting the DD sinx build here because it has already been made in another topic)


~Lord Knight~


  • Tanky
  • Budget items
  • Has Endure and Parry


  • Melee
  • Weakest Damage out of all suitable jobs
  • Needs Aspersio and Soul Link Dependent

Important Skills

  •  Bowling Bash
  •  Concentration
  •  Endure
  •  Parry (Soul Link Needed)
  •  Two-hand Quicken (Soul Link Needed)

Equipment and Stats
Headgear: Hokage Hat (Vanberk Card)
                     Hollow Mask (Vanberk Card)
                     Cursed Demon Wings
Armor: Valkyrie Armor
                 - Ghostring Card
                 - Tao Gunka Card
                 - RSX-0806 Card (Optional)
Shield: Valkyrie Shield (Thara Frog Card)
Robe:   Valkyrie Manteau (Devilring Card)
Shoes: Valkyrie Shoes
                  - Moonlight Flower Card
                  - Amon Ra Card (Optional)
Acessory: x2 Megingjord
                      - Mantis Card
                      - Errende Ebecee Card (Optional)
Weapon: +10 Blade
                    - Turtle General Card
                    - Abysmal Knight Card
                    - Sword Guardian Card
                    - Doppelganger Card (Optional)
                    - Sealed Thanatos (Optional)

TIPS & Reminders:

  • Always have your LK Soul Linked so you can enable Parry & Two-hand Quicken Skills.
  • 196 atkspd is a must if you want to spam BB faster.
  • RSX-0806 card provides immune to knock back which can be quite annoying for melee character in the arena.
  • Always use Aspersio Scrolls and Holy Water when dealing with Arena MVPs.
  • Wind Converters give more damage against "Arena Minions".



  • High Damage Output
  • Numerous elements due to arrows
  • Long Range Advantage


  • Item Dependent
  • Most Squishy Character suitable for Arena
  • Low Weight Capacity for POTS and Fly Wings
  • No modified Soul Link Bonuses

Important Skills

  •  Sharp Shooting
  •  Improve Concentration
  •  True Sight
  •  Wind Walk

Equipment and Stats

Headgear: Kakashi Headprotector (Vesper Card)

                     Obito Goggles (Vesper Card)
                     Gargoyle Wings
Armor: Valkyrie Armor
                 - Ghostring Card
                 - Tao Gunka Card
                 - RSX-0806 Card (Optional)
                 - Garm Card (Optional)
Shield: Valkyrie Shield (Thara Frog Card)
Robe:   Valkyrie Manteau (Devilring Card)
Shoes: Valkyrie Shoes
                  - Moonlight Flower Card
                  - Amon Ra Card (Optional)
Acessory: x2 Brisingamen
                      - Zerom Card
                      - Errende Ebecee Card (Optional)
Weapon: +10 Composite Bow
                    - Turtle General Card
                    - The Paper Card
                    - Abysmal Knight Card
                    - Doppelganger Card
                    - Sealed Thanatos (Optional)

TIPS & Reminders:

  • Garm Card inflicts mobs with Frozen Status forcing their properties to become Water.
  • Always make sure that your True Sight skill is up as it plays a huge role in your damage output.
  • Time your fly wings if you think your POTS won't hold against the mobs.
  • As an alternative you can just kill ARENA BONUS monsters for 10 pts. and fly wing away.
  • Always have your falcon with you.

~Star Gladiator~


  • Highest Damage Output of all the suitable jobs
  • Warm Wind Advantage
  • Good for clearing out MVPs
  • Has the skill Leap for quick escapes


  • Soul Link dependent
  • Weak against multiple mobs
  • Difficulty of Job is above average

Important Skills

  •  Warm Wind (Lvl 2 and Lvl 7)
  •  Leap
  •  Solar, Lunar & Stellar Perception (Lvl 1, 2 & 3. This is your Feel Settings)

  •  Solar Protection (Solar Perception must be set)
  •  Lunar Protection (Lunar Perception must be set)
  •  Stellar Protection (Stellar Perception must be set)
  •  Solar, Lunar & Stellar Opposition (Lvl 3 in the arena. This is your Hatred Settings)  

  •  Parry (Soul Link Needed)
  •  Solar, Lunar & Stellar Union (Soul Link Needed, this skill is what makes Star Gladiators float)

Feel and Hatred Setting for Dummies:
You must set your Perception INSIDE the Arena in order to use the corresponding skills
(i.e. Solar Perception let's you use Solar Protection and etc.)
Opposition can be used on ONE specific Monster at a time and all levels are dependent on the Monster's size
(Level 1 is for Small/ Level 2 is for Medium/ Level 3 is for Large)
You can always reset your Feel and Hatred with @feelreset & @hatereset
Activating Solar, Lunar & Stellar Union:
Alrightyyyy here is where most players can't use Star Gladiators properly
because they don't even know how to activate this skill. So long story short you
will need to be in Soul Link State in order to activate this Skill.

Once you are in a Soul Link state you can activate your Solar, Lunar & Stellar Union Skill.

Equipment and Stats


Headgear: Hokage Hat (Vanberk Card)
                     Hollow Mask (Vanberk Card)
                     Cursed Demon Wings
Armor: Valkyrie Armor
                 - Ghostring Card
                 - Tao Gunka Card
                 - RSX-0806 Card (Optional)
Shield: Valkyrie Shield (Thara Frog Card)
Robe:   Valkyrie Manteau (Devilring Card)
Shoes: Valkyrie Shoes
                  - Moonlight Flower Card
                  - Amon Ra Card (Optional)
Acessory: x2 Megingjord
                      - Mantis Card
                      - Errende Ebecee Card (Optional)
Weapon: +10 Book
                      - Abysmal Knight Card
                      - Turtle General Card
                      - Doppelganger Card (Optional)
                      - Sealed Thanatos (Optional)

TIPS & Reminders:

  • When you activate your Union skill you need to be soul linked again in order to use Parry.
  • You can adjust your stats along while using all Solar/Lunar/Protection for better Damage Scaling.
  • Leap can be used as a substitute for Fly Wing as it is spammable.

The Skill   Kihop is a great way to up the damage of your Star Gladiator, this skill Increases your Attack Power by 10%*Number of party Members. To take advantage of this skill all you need is party members wherein must be inside the arena, it doesn't matter if they are dead or not.

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