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Sinx Double Dagger type (Arena Monster Build for newbies)

on Sun May 13, 2018 9:34 pm
Newbie Arena Guide
As a newbie we all know that we can't manage to do the arena, nope your wrong
here is a guide for sinx dd type. . .only lag can kill you (in mobs)
my guide here is for low mobbing and Satan/baphomet hunting
Upper: Hokage Hat(Vanberk card)
Mid: Robot Ears (Vanberk card)
Lower: Cursed Demon Wings
Armor: Valkyrie Armor (Card sealed or original Tao Gunka)
Garment: +4 or above Valkyrie Manteau (Deviling Card)
Footgear: Valkyrie Shoes (Eddga card)
Accessories: 2pcs Meginjord (1 Hyozoist Card, 1 Errende Ebecee Card)
*Right: +10 Main Gauche / +10 Sandstorm (TG,TG,sealed thana,Minorous card)
*Left: +10 Blade / +10 Orchish Axe (TG,Minorous,Baphomet,Doppelganger Card)
*Weapon card is to be followed beacuse of card juggling effect for sinx dd type)

Stats in the picture: (divisible by 10)

Always monitor your pots, fly wing, Poison bottle so you won't die easily,
buy lvl 5 Aspersio Scroll at TCG shop and Holy water at mall when facing Baphomet & Satan,
and lastly monitor your HP, don't you dare lure as many monster that you can't kill.

That's all enjoy Arena Monsters

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