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Break The Seal Quest Guide (BTS)

on Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:52 am
following Format

Violet: Reward

A Walk through of Making the Angelic Valkyrie Set. One Of the Good Items In Game.

NOTE: You Should Finish The 1st NPC On this Thread and After that you can Choose any Quest
you like to do first. Its Up to you

Ok Lets Start with the 1st NPC Name Ronnel
You Will Located Him at Welgaia 111,147
And You Should Bring Him This Following Materials

"100 Pieces of Ancient Lips"
"25 Pieces of Peridot"
"25 Pieces of Biotite"
"10 Pieces of Rose Quarts"
"25 Pieces of Pyroxene"
"25 Pieces of Muscovite"
"25 Pieces of Phologopite"
"20 Pieces of Young Twig"
"20 Pieces of Mother's Nightmare"
"25 Pieces of Matchstick"
"150 Pieces of Hand of God"
"200 Pieces of Cursed Seal"

Once Your Done You Will Receive a Gratitude for being a Super Warrior.
Ronnel Will Give you Random Castle Drop.

Now Next Quest Is The Angelic Valkyrie Armor
You Should Find The NPC Names Kimuel
Which You Can Located him at Pay_fild10 184 157

And You Should Bring This Following Materials

"100 Pieces  Three-Headed Dragon's head"
"7 Pieces Emblem of Sun God"
"1 Pieces Harmony Valkyrie Armor (Freebies) "
"100 Pieces Treasure Box"

3rd Quest is The Valkyrie Shield Which you can located at
Gef_fild07 185 249 and bring this following Material

"35 Pieces Fire Dragon Scale"
"7 Pieces Ripple";
"1 Pieces Harmony Valkyrie Shield (Freebies)"
"100 Pieces Treasure Box"

Lets Move to the 4th Quest Which is The Angelic Valkyrie Boots
and you can locate it at lighthalzen 189 297 And Bring the Following. .

"20 Piece Skeletal Armor Piece"
"7 Piece Billow"
"1 Piece Harmony Valkyrie Boots(Freebies)"
"100 Piece Treasure Box"

The Angelic Valkyrie Manteau Quest Which is the 5th Quest Will Be Located at
comodo 178 226 and you should bring this following Material. .

"50 Pieces Matchstick"
"7 Pieces Silver Ornament"
"1 Pieces Harmony Valkyrie Manteau(Freebies)"
"100 Pieces Treasure Box"

And the last but not the least is The Angelic Valkyrie Wings And Angelic Valkyrie Helm
Which you can located at Valkyrie 49 49[/color]

NOTE!: You should Wear the Angelic Set on you character or else this NPC wouldn't talk to you about the Wings and Helm

The Following Materials are:

"5 Pieces Wrath of Valkyrie"
"5 Pieces Feather of Angel Wing"
"5 Pieces Iron Maiden"
"1 Pieces Harmony Valkyrie Helm"
"1 Pieces Harmony Valkyrie Wings"
"100 Pieces Treasure Chest"
"100 Pieces Soft Feather"
"100 Pieces Little Evil Wing"
"10 Pieces Citrin"

All Right Reserve (2018)

Hope All The Information and Guides Help A Lot.
Until Next time and Happy Hunt! Smile
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