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Changelogs 8/17/18

on Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:03 pm
Changelogs: 8/17/18
-Reduced Finger Offensive After-cast Delay from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
-Made freebies Harmony Armor from 75% Resist Frozen Status to 100%.
-Added Set combo for Angelic Armor,Mantuea,Shoes "Reduce damage from all class by 10%".
-Increased Ballista Drop Rate from Dracula.
-Adjusted Bowling Bash Damage.
-Released Donation Shop (Located at Welgaia 176 104).
-Reduced Ifrit's HP from 12m to 9m.
-Added Sealed Gloom Undernight Card to freebies.
-Fixed Armor set combos, over lapping each other.
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