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Changelogs 8-10-18

on Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:02 pm
Changelogs 8/10/18
Increased Left hand damage of Assassin Cross.
Adjusted Damage of Assassin Cross for balancing.
Adjusted Extrimity Fist damage Multiplier.
Adjusted Critical Damage of some items.
KoE Guild Winner Members will now get prizes.
Adjusted KoE Prize to 1pc of Castle Drop Ticket.
HD Refiner (Mighty Hammer) refining will now start at +4.

Scipt Errors:
Fixed Dice Event script(starts on min 45).
Fixed Novice Vs Zombie (no dual IP, no solo winner).
Added Dice in @events list.

Added Jellopy at Street Dealer for Broadcast.
Added Fuzzion Ring at Arena Shop for (30000 AP).
Added Anti-Dual for KoE Map (guild_vs1).

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