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Donation Via Western Union - Cebuana - Palawan Express

on Sun May 13, 2018 1:46 am
•Donate via Western Union - Cebuana - Palawan Express - requires hard cash which will be used for the transaction (WU charges transaction fees depending on the amount that will be sent).

1)      Go to a nearby Western Union,Cebuana,Palawan Express branch.

2)      Fill the Sender’s Information with your details, then fill the Receiver’s information with the following:

Name: Joseph Harris So

Address: Panganiban St. Purok 1 Centro East

City: Santiago,Isabela

Country: Philipines

Relationship: Friend

3)      Send an email to with the following information:

Name: Real Name

Address: Real Address

Location: City/Country

Donation Amount: Amount in PHP

Transaction date: Date when you sent the money

1 Screen Shot Of Your Valid ID's Proving That Your The Real Sender ( For Your Own Safety [OPTIONAL] )

MTCN/Control Number: Obtained from the Reciept you have from Western Union (Keep it safe as it is the only confirmation of your donation)

Donate via Smart Padala

Receiver's Information

1) Reference #: 5577 5194 7967 2108

2) Contact #: 09485110483

3 ) Name: Joseph Harris  So

4) Adress:

Street: Panganiban St

City: Santiago City

State: Isabela

Postal #: 3311

Send an email to with the following information:

1) Receipt of Smart Padala

2) SMS Transaction Through Phone

3) Full Name

4) Adress


Q: How Much 1 Prof Of Donation (POD)?
A: 10 PHP (0.19$)  is equivalent to 1 Prof of Donation (POD)

Q: When I Can Claim My Donations?
A: After We Receive The Payment. Donation PODS Will Be Process As Soon As Possible

Q: How to address my donation concern? (Donation Problems)
A: Send an email to with the following information:

* Your Western Union Receipt or Transaction

* Username/Account Login Name

* One of your character names (In-game name)

* Your E-Mail [Email that you Use On Sending Western Union Information]

* Amount of Donation

* Date you Donated

* [LEGIT] Your Name and Address

All of your information should send on the email that been said for the safeness of you donation concern's
Errors on donation transaction's wont tolerate by administration. So Keep Safe and GOD BLESS
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