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Entrance to Thanatos Boss

on Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:41 am
1. Warp hu_fild01 138 162
2. Talk guide tha_t01 146 72
3. Need party of 5 here and talk to warp 3rd floor
4. walk or warp tha_t03 69 66
5. walk or warp tha_t04 190 190
6. walk or warp tha_t05 62 175
7. walk or warp tha_t06 226 226 (investigate wheels to get •green key•)
8. walk or warp tha_t06 201 181 (observe it to get •black key•)
9. walk or warp tha_t06 119 119 (enter portal to get •black charm stone•)
...walk or warp tha_t07
10.walk or warp tha_t08 48 62   (to get •yellow charm stone•)
11.walk or warp tha_t08 48 150  (to get •red charm stone•)
12.walk or warp tha_t08 91 150  (to get •green charm stone•)
13.walk or warp tha_t08 91 62   (to get •blue charm stone•)
...walk or warp tha_t09
...walk or warp tha_t10
...walk or warp tha_t11
14.walk or warp tha_t12 164 58  (insert •yellow stone•)
15.walk or warp tha_t12 153 15  (insert •green stone•)
16.walk or warp tha_t12 104 15  (insert •blue stone•)
17.walk or warp tha_t12 96 55   (insert •red stone•)
18.walk or warp tha_t12 128 83  (insert •black stone•)
19.walk or warp tha_t12 130 49  (inter portal)

NOTE: Youll need to have the following to summon Thanatos Boss MVP

1.Fragment of Despair dropped by Despero

2.Fragment of Hatred dropped by Odium

3.Fragment of Agony dropped by Dolor

4.Fragment of Misery dropped by Maero

Thanatos Boss Map
•Despero• (insert and type Fragment of Despair)
•Odium•   (insert and type Fragment of Hatred)
•Dolor•   (insert and type Fragment of Agony)
•Maero•   (insert and type Fragment of Misery)

Then you will be warped to Thanatos. KILL HIM!!
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